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Meet Dr. uppal

Meet Dr. uppal

A Note from Dr. Sereena Uppal

When you’re hurting, fast relief is all that is on your mind. I’ve been there, and I want to help you get that relief. My approach to pain management is centered around compassion and results. I recognize that the pain you are feeling is affecting your emotional well-being and it’s my goal to address physical pain so that we can not only improve your physical body, but your mental health as well.

My goal isn’t about me – it’s about my patients. I want my patients to have the tools they need to feel the best they can.

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Dr. Sereena Uppal attended Simon Fraser University where she studied both Biology and Kinesiology. She eventually transitioned to Western States Chiropractic College to pursue her Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Upon graduation, she began practicing in the growing community of South Surrey. She developed relationships with MD’s, physiotherapists, massage therapists and other health care professionals, providing a complementary and collaborative approach to health care. Sereena’s appreciation for alternative medicine therapies and multi disciplinary clinics has resulted in her decision to join the both the team at Delta Village Chiropractic in Ladner, BC and Rize Fitness in Vancouver, BC.

In addition to studying the core chiropractic curriculum, Dr. Sereena Uppal always studied complementary and alternative medicinal therapies. She has worked to broaden her knowledge base and treatment skills by always educating herself on new and innovative techniques and methodology in the world of alternative health care. While addressing the joints and surrounding tissue, she may relax the mind with a combination of chiropractic work, infrared red light therapy and varying sound frequencies to maximize her patient’s recovery. Since she knows that treatment for pain is not a “one fits all” approach, Dr. Sereena Uppal honors each individual as such. She recognizes that her work is but one piece of a larger puzzle and encourages the incorporation of other modes of care so that her patients get a comprehensive look at their well being.

When she is not at work, you can find her walking or cycling the seawall, enjoying quality time with the youngest members of her family, or simply savoring a morning coffee while lost in a book at a local cafes.