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Back At The Table and Dealing With Covid-19

I am excited to announce that on Tuesday May 19, 2020, I will be back at the table for your chiropractic needs. As part of the Phase 2 return to work plan, I a am thrilled to be able to help our community get back to feeling their best and are taking new measures to ensure our clinic remains safe and hygienic for patients and staff.

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While you will experience some changes in your visit, the quality of care and commitment to your health remain unchanged. Both clinics are taking the following steps to protect your health:

  • Screening questions when booking your appointment and when arriving at the clinic. If you are not feeling well (cough, fever, difficulty breathing, any flu like systems), have had any recent travel, or exposure to someone with COVID-19, please call and reschedule your appointment
  • Spacing out of appointments to allow for physical distancing and enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of clinic surfaces after each patient
  • Patients sanitizing hands upon arrival
  • Payment will be processed upon arrival and preferably TAP cards if possible
  • Limiting chairs in the waiting room or having patients wait in their car until their appointment is ready
  • Chiropractors will be wearing masks when treating patients
  • Barriers at the reception area, or measures to maintain 2 metres distance at reception
  • There will no longer be access to restrooms (Ladner office)

I understand that change can be difficult, however, it is pertinent that we abide by these new policies to ensure the safety of our community and our most vulnerable. This will become our new norm and I welcome it. Staying healthy and safe is my number one priority. So lets do this! Appointments will be available online at the dvcwa.janeapp.com/rizefitness.janepp.com or call 604 952 0538/604 673 5885. I look forward to seeing you!